Saber Realty Advisors

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Company Profile

Founded by partners John Bertram and Greg Sackler, Saber Realty Partners is a real estate investment company principally engaged in the acquisition and repositioning of retail, industrial and multi-family properties primarily located in major metropolitan areas of in California, Arizona, Colorado and Texas. Saber’s portfolio is comprised of approximately two million square feet of rentable area.

The primary focus of Saber Realty Advisors is the acquisition of mismanaged or undervalued core assets and establishing property specific strategies that maximize cash flow and value. Our model is focused primarily on increasing cash flows over the long term as opposed to a short term IRR driven motive.

Our strategy is to protect and enhance our client’s investments and provide consistent cash flow by focusing on the fundamentals: Location, price per square foot, functionality, tenant diversity  and managed re-leasing costs.